Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Product love: Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge 

If you've shopped around Silverlake or Echo Park in Los Angeles, you may have come across Juniper Ridge, an amazing line of all-natural soaps and home fragrance products. I recently bought my boyfriend the Douglas Fir incense and Siskiyou Cedar sachet for his birthday, but it was also kind of like gifting myself because I'm totally reaping the benefits of this one. 

Our house now smells like a cozy, fire-warmed cabin in the Pacific Northwest. And I keep finding my nose attached to my bf's shoulder when he's wearing a shirt that was pulled from the drawer with the sachet in it. The scents are subtle and pure, transporting you away from city life when you close your eyes and take a deep, prolonged breath. For the outdoorsy person in your life, anything from this company would make for the perfect present. You can even pick products based on region (the choices being Northern California, Desert Southwest, and Pacific Southwest) which is quite nice if your special someone has an affinity for a particular destination. 

But just don't take my word for it. Shop Juniper Ridge here and see for yourself.

Or if you're in LA, pick it up at the following boutiques:
photo by me :)

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