Friday, July 12, 2013


California has been full of transitions for me. I've been in the mix here with buying, styling, and writing, but the one of the biggest changes came pretty much out of the blue and completely altered my perspective of fashion, among other things.

After watching a few food documentaries, I decided to dabble in vegetarianism by doing meatless Mondays, which I enjoyed so much that it quickly became full-time. When the new year approached, I decided to take the plunge and adopted a completely vegan lifestyle, much to the surprise of my family and friends, who know how much I like to eat odd things. Despite that, a plant-based diet has really clicked with me, but being vegan extends far beyond food. I've also refrained from purchasing anything leather or made from animal materials, which makes sartorial purchases much harder. I'm on the fence about buying those those things secondhand. Some are more lenient and allow their opinion to lean toward ethical, while others consider it an absolute no-no. Currently, I'm abstaining from purchasing, hesitantly wearing what I already have, though definitely on much more seldom occasions. Vintage fur is absolutely out for me though.

My biggest sacrifice has been shoes, glorious shoes. While I amass my collection of cruelty-free footwear, I reluctantly wear my pre-veganism purchases with the mindset that the monetary contribution has already been made, the damage done. I often wonder whether this is acceptable reasoning and toy with the idea of simply selling everything off. I really don't know the answer though.

In the meantime, my alternative is clear: Stella McCartney. What would a fashion-loving vegan do without this wonderfully thoughtful designer? She's responsible for the coral sandals above and I couldn't be more grateful that I can depend on her cruelty-free collections season after season.

I hope you join me as I navigate the new waters of animal-friendly fashion and beauty. I promise it will be a worthy ride.



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