Sunday, July 14, 2013

Denim on denim, with a twist

  • Dress worn as a top: Beautiful People 
  • Shorts: One Teaspoon
  • Denim Shirt: Thrifted J. Crew
  • Shoes (pre-veganism): Alexander Wang
  • Cuff: Purchased from a street vendor in Kathmandu, Nepal

As usual, this outfit was completely unplanned, which can explain the top's wrinkly appeal. I saw it balled up in my closet and thought, 'Bright... Sheer... But completely scrunched, hmm... Nopedon'tcare.' I briefly entertained the idea of steaming it, but people were waiting on me to get outfitted and that can certainly take for-ev-er if I'm in the mood for playing dress up. So throwing caution to the wind, I yanked it on over my favorite Bonitas, finished up with a denim topper, and was out the door. Sometimes you've just gotta deal with life's little wrinkles.

Let's talk cuff, shall we? I paid about $5 for this while on holiday in Nepal and it's quickly become a wrist fixture. That country stole my heart and it's nice to have a little reminder of it with me each day. I also brought back about one hundred other little reminders, but who's counting? ;)

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