Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In With The Old



In true thrifter fashion, I spent the last days of 2013 sifting through some of Milwaukee's finest junked goods. Even though it was a pretty lean haul this time around, I often leave LA thrift stores empty-handed, so even this pitiful pull felt like a jackpot.


The goods:
  • 1 red button-up shirt with hand-stitched striping
  • 1 tapestry bag with tassels 
  • 1 beaded scarf
  • 1 tapestry coat (top photo)
  • 1 embroidered jacket
  • 1 insane snake-emblazoned T-shirt 
  • 1 basic black sweater 
  • 2 sleeveless sweaters
Grand total: $29.20


In a moment of extreme confusion, I almost passed on this Balmain-esque vintage jacket. Why, you ask? Because at $5, I thought it was overpriced. Let me repeat that: At $5, I thought it was overpriced. Seriously. The thrift store fumes must have gone to my head because that's some crazy talk. Thankfully my years of training allowed me to push through this severely impaired judgment. I fought off the pesky inner voices spouting the virtues of frugality, said eff it, and chucked it toward the checkout counter, a sartorial Hail Mary. The cashier was right where I needed her; she plucked the jacket out of the air, scanned it without batting an eye, and victory was mine.

And now... 2014. May the year be fruitful for us all.

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